Why is it Induction Hardened ?

Among many application of induction Heaters, hardening is more is worthwhile to summarise some of the advantages of it.

Efficient way of heating exactly at the specified area of the job.
* Uniform result with an established heating cycle.
* A substantial reduction in heating time, increased rate of production.
* Rejection reduction to minimum or entirely eliminated.
* Elimination of subsequent operation like cleaning and straightening.
* Elimination of dirty and hazardous carborising process.
* Cheaper, readily available and easily machinable plain carbon steel replaces    costly alloy and special steel.
* Accurate control of case depth.
* Quickest way of case hardening.
* No oxidation or scaling on the surface.
* Normalisation and tempering operation often eliminated.
* The inner cores and other surface practically remains cool and unaltered    metallurgical.
* Hyper hardness of 2 to 7 Rc higher than conventional means obtained because    of more complete solution and diffusion of iron carbide.
* Produces a fine and homogenous nodular type of martensite structure.
* Severity in quenching is not need as in case of furnace heating.
* Machinability after heat treatment is possible on surface other than the    specified hardened band.
* No skilled operator is needed and equipment can be completely utomated.
* No standby losses, no shutdown and less maintenance.¨ Equipment ready for    use immediately.
* Inspection requirement simplified by timely detection of defective parts during    heating.
* Uniform temperature distribution upon the desired depth by curie effect.
* A gradient transition zone form hardened surface to ductile core increases    strength.
* A good finish and fewer problems in grinding as a result of fine grain size.
* Does not require large area of floor space.
* Induction heating equipment can be incorporated with other machine in    manufacturing process.
* Operational environment is cleaner and safer than the other existing and    contemplated methods.
Selective hardening without copper plating and machining as in conventional    methods.
Self-quenching is possible with a rapid heating by high power density next only    to laser.
* Hardening the job submerged in quenching tank is possible only by this process.
* Different degree of hardness in single work piece.
* All these advantages of Induction hardening opens up new possibilities for a    design engineer in his product design.

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