We design/manufacture/supply mechanical/ chemical/ hydraulic equipments. Over the past few years, we have manufactured & supplied special purpose equipments / systems like Lip Rolling Machine, Hydraulic Scrap Bailing Machine, etc for railway workshop


Type VEL/TLRM/400

     VEL Lip Rolling Machine is used for progressive rolling-in for retaining glut ring of railway wheel tyre. The equipment is complete with Main Frame (consisting of Pressure Rolls, Shafts, Pressure Roll Drive & Swivel system), Thrust Rolls, Support Rolls, Sliding Stands, Hydraulic System, Control System, Control System, Metering & Safety Features. The equipment is capable for handling geared wheel sets and simple wheel sets also.

liprollingmachine vel/tlrm/400

Technical Specification
Wheel tread diameter
Minimum 600 mm, Maximum 1200 mm
Radial thickness of tyre (including flanges)
110 mm to 140 mm
Axial thickness of tyre (including flanges)
120 mm 140 mm
Rolling force 315 kg/ cm2
Rolling speed
2.2 mm/sec
Main motor
7.5 HP
Hydraulic pump motor 1.5 HP
Tensile strength of tyre to be rolled 110-125 kg/

Special features:

*All Rolls and shafts are made of special alloy steel, heat treated & induction hardened for longer life, wear & fatigue resistance.
*Liberally rated, high precision, anti frictional bearings to withstand surge load.
*Hydraulic system is ideally placed such that optimum force is delivered by single   set of cylinder for both swivelling & rolling action
*Sophisticated non-destructive tests are carried out to ensure the quality of the   component
*Reduction gear system consist of planetary gears which has various advantage such   as high transmission ratio, low sensitivity to shock loading, complete balance of   static forces within the gear train, silent running, compact, low weight, etc
*Noiseless & vibration free operation


Type : VEL/BL/75


     VEL HYDRAULIC SCRAP BAILING PRESS is used for making bails of M.S. Scrap obtained from turning the EMU wheel sets installed at Pit wheel lathe. The M.S. Scrap obtained will be in the form of continuos ribbons and will be take a shape of approximate 1 meter diameter of bail.This equipment is a combination of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system.

Bailingpress Vel/bl/75
      The heavy metal fabricated structure consists of hydraulic system containing two hydraulic cylinders of 75 and 50 tons of stroke length 1000 & 1200mm respectively powered by an optimally designed hydraulic power pack. The material is fed inside the bailing chamber and the complete sequence of operation of bailing to size and degree of compaction is done automatically.

Technical Specification
Capacity of horizontal pressing cum ejecting ram
75 Tons.
Stroke of horizontal pressing cum ejecting ram
1200 mm.
Capacity of main pressing ram
50 Tons.
Stroke of main pressing ram 1000 mm.
Bailing chamber
1000 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm.
Bale size
500 mm x 500 mm x 250 mm.
Capacity of front door cylinder 5 Tons
Stroke of front door cylinder 75 mm.
Weight of the bale 30 kgs.
Working pressure 200 bar
Electric motor 10 HP, 3 Phase, 440 V, 1440 rpm

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